Sankoff Criminal Law

Sankoff Criminal Law is a boutique criminal law firm that specializes in the most difficult kinds of legal cases. We work directly with clients on complex trials and also to prepare and argue their appeals. We also help criminal defence lawyers by preparing legal applications, vetting jury charges and providing strategic advice.

Areas of Practice

At SANKOFF CRIMINAL LAW,  we provide the following services. 

Meet The Team

Peter Sankoff

Lead Counsel

There are lots of capable criminal defence lawyers. But if you want the lawyer who runs a business based on teaching other lawyers how to excel, and has literally written the book on criminal law and evidence, you want to hire Peter Sankoff. more>>

Heather Warren


Heather Warren is Sankoff Criminal Law’s student-at-law and is also assisting with Professor Sankoff’s Criminal Defence Essentials. Heather has recently completed her third year of McGill University’s 3.5-year combined B.C.L./J.D. Program. Passionate about constitutional and criminal law, she has been extensively involved in civil liberties and human rights projects. more>>

Steven Front

Steven Penney

Professor in Residence

Steven Penney is Professor in Residence at Sankoff Criminal Law and assists our lawyers with research and consultation on matters involving criminal procedure. He is not assisting clients directly, and cannot be contacted by the general public for representation, but his expertise is invaluable to all members of our firm. more>>

Jillian Williamson is working in association with Sankoff Criminal Law, providing legal services in Calgary and Southern Alberta.  She is an experienced litigator in criminal criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory cases. more>>

Matthew (Matt) Browne is working in association with Sankoff Criminal Law. Based in Calgary, Matt assists clients throughout Alberta. He has appeared at all levels of court in British Columbia as well as the Provincial Court of Alberta. more>>

chili 600

Chili Gonzales

Office Dog & Mascot

Chili Gonzalez is the office dog and mascot at Sankoff Criminal Law. Incredibly passionate about criminal law, animal protection, and any snacks that make their way to the floor, becoming a law-dog was Chili’s life-long dream. more>>