Animal Law

Peter Sankoff is a leading expert on animal law issues in Canada and is an advocate for animals with a long history of involvement in the field.

While living in New Zealand, Peter co-founded the Animal Rights Legal Advocacy Network (ARLAN). Upon his return to Canada, Peter quickly became equally involved in Canadian animal advocacy, and is a long-time member of the Board of Directors for Animal Justice.

In 2015, on Animal Justice’s behalf, Peter acted as counsel to argue the first animal advocacy case to land before the Supreme Court of Canada (R v DLW). In 2021, he again intervened on behalf of Animal Justice in the landmark sentencing decision, R v Chen, at the Alberta Court of Appeal.

While Peter’s practice is largely focused on criminal law, his love and passion for animal law has never wavered, leading him to continue appearing before the courts on animal-related matters. Peter takes on a small number of clients in cases where an animal has been injured or harmed. He likewise takes on animal control cases where there is a risk that the animal will be euthanized.

Currently, Peter is working on a book that looks at the animal protection law in Canada.

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Related Publications

As an expert in animal law, Peter has written and edited numerous publications. Peter is currently working on a book that sheds light on the state of animal protection law in Canada.

Canadian Perspective on Animals and the Law

Released in 2015, "Canadian Perspectives on Animals and the Law" is the first book-length jurisprudential work to engage in a sustained analysis of Canadian law regulating the treatment of non-human animals at the hands of human beings.

Animal Law in Australasia: A New Dialogue

"Animal Law in Australasia: A New Dialogue" examines the legal relationship between humans and animals in Australia and New Zealand. It explores the numerous shortcomings of laws that purport to protect animals and considers how they can be improved.

Animal Law in Australasia: Continuing the Dialogue

In hopes of continuing the conversation started by the earlier edition of the book, "Animal Law in Australasia: Continuing the Dialogue", sheds light on a number of animal law subjects in Australia and New Zealand.