Chili Gonzales

Office Dog & Mascot

Chili Gonzalez is the office dog and mascot at Sankoff Criminal Law.

Chili Gonzalez wakes up at 5am sharp to review the most recent jurisprudence. After a nutritious breakfast, he hops on his scooter, and puts on his favorite Billy Joel song—Puptown Girl. On Fridays, Chili stops to grab a puppuccino before making his way to the office.

Incredibly passionate about criminal law, animal protection, and any snacks that make their way to the floor, becoming a law-dog was Chili’s life-long dream. After receiving his Bachelor of Barking with distinction, Chili went on to receive his Juris-Dogtorate with flying frisbees. The first dog to compete at the Gale Cup moot, Chili barked his way to first place, receiving an oralist prize for his ability to command the room.  

Today, Chili is top dog at Sankoff Criminal Law, and he knows it. Cute but not so friendly with strangers, he keeps the office safe from marauding people making deliveries before curling up for a nap. Chili’s napping spot of choice is under his Dad’s (Peter Sankoff’s) desk, where he awakens only at the smell of food and sound of clients.

While Chili isn’t yet taking clients of his own, he loves the opportunity to sit in on meetings and flex his legal muscles. If you’d like Chili to be present for your consultation, please let us know in advance, and be sure to bring a dog treat!