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Our listed ‘services for lawyers’ include just a few of the most commonly requested services we provide lawyers across the country. If you have a criminal or animal law question—chances are, our team can help.

Lead Counsel at Sankoff Criminal Law, Peter Sankoff, is one of the country’s leading experts in criminal evidence and a prominent animal law advocate. Peter has spent over two decades teaching and mentoring law students and lawyers.

Criminal law is complex and constantly evolving—making it difficult to keep up even in the areas we are most comfortable with. Lawyers—both new and experienced—are routinely exposed to complex and novel questions. A deep understanding of both the academic and practical application of the law enables Peter to effectively provide guidance to others on complex matters.

Sometimes just twenty to thirty minutes with Peter is enough to change your entire perspective on a case. With enough notice, he can answer questions you have right from the courthouse, and usually assess your problem with speed and alacrity. Get “the Prof” on your side of an argument when you need him most.

Peter Sankoff is available on an hourly basis to discuss questions of strategy, evidence, or any other matter. To book a consultation, please contact us.


I was called in 2018 and have been practicing strictly criminal law since then. I rarely take sexual assault cases but when I decided to, I was in need of help to navigate evidentiary matters that were critical to the defence of my client. It was also my first Judge and Jury trial, and I needed some guidance. I was grateful to have Peter Sankoff assist me. Not only did he provide relevant up to date case law, which prevented me, as a sole practitioner from spending many hours searching, he also helped at the PTC. With his assistance we were able to advocate for the position which was correct in law and advantageous to my client. The judge accepted Peter’s recommendations, which led to the trial being stayed the next day. It was so valuable to have a senior practitioner help me prepare and understand the procedures of a Jury Trial. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Peter. I highly recommend reaching out!”


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The Law of Witnesses and Evidence in Canada

In The Law of Witnesses and Evidence in Canada, Lead Counsel at Sankoff Criminal Law, Peter Sankoff, provides expert analysis of evidentiary issues as they arise in legal proceedings. The book covers many questions that arise daily in criminal proceedings, including those related to hearsay, competence, compellability, privilege, examination, and cross-examination.


Criminal Law

In the 5th Edition of Criminal Law, Peter Sankoff co-authors a critical examination of the criminal law in Canada. Cited by the Supreme Court of Canada and appellate courts across the country, this book has proven to be an essential resource for Crown and defence counsel alike. The book explores numerous trial-related topics, including an analysis of Criminal Code offences and commonly raised defences.