Services For Lawyers

A large part of our practice at Sankoff Criminal Law is assisting other lawyers and providing resources so that they can do the best job possible for their clients – especially on complex cases. Peter Sankoff can answer questions and solve problems quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money and giving your client the best chance of winning. The following services are simply examples. If you have a difficult case, get in touch with us.

Appeal Consultations

If you are handling an appeal, we can assist by reviewing the case and providing suggestions for how to approach the issues tactically and offer potential new lines of enquiry. As a former law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada who has also argued cases there on multiple occasions, Peter has a strong understanding of the types of arguments that are likely to be successful.

Complex Motions

We can provide assistance with all sorts of complex motions, either by arguing them in person or providing written submissions for you to use. We have considerable expertise in applications to exclude evidence under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, section 276 motions, and attempts to obtain records under section 278. We can also assist with applications to challenge the constitutional validity of a statute. Our written submissions are of the highest calibre.

Jury Charge Reviews

Jury trials provide particular challenges for lawyers. As the trial nears its conclusion, lawyers are often asked to begin considering the judge’s proposed jury charge at the same time as they are deciding upon final witnesses and prepping their oral argument to the jury. There is never enough time to carefully analyze the proposed jury charge and ensure that it is fair to the client. We regularly review jury charges and are keenly aware of the types of errors that can be made. We are willing to review jury charges on short notice and provide detailed advice, including legal authorities, to help you make submissions to the trial judge about the type of charge that is needed.

Research Memorandums

All of our lawyers have exceptional legal research skills, and we can provide high quality research memos at any time on any area of the criminal law. We can work to suit any budget, depending on what is required. All research memos are vetted by Peter Sankoff personally.

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Other Consultations

Peter Sankoff is available on an hourly basis to discuss questions of strategy, evidence, or any other matter.